Editing Services


UPDATE: (7/7/2015) Critique slots available beginning 7/15. Full MS edits available from September. Book your slot now!

Ready to self-publish? Unsure why your manuscript isn’t getting the agent attention you had hoped for? Looking for a professional opinion before diving into the query trenches? You’ve come to the right place! I am pleased to offer a variety of editing and critique services, from quick query critiques to full manuscript line edits.

I currently offer the following editing services for ADULT, NEW ADULT, and YOUNG ADULT manuscripts only. I will consider memoirs on a case-by-case basis. For chapter books, middle grade, and other non-fiction, I typically only offer basic proofreading services as I am less familiar with genre conventions and reader expectations in those categories. Having an editor who actively reads and writes in your genre and category will help you deliver what agents, publishers, and most importantly READERS are actively seeking.

I edit general literary and commercial fiction as well as genre fiction. I am happy to work on fiction with Christian and other religious characters and themes, but if your book is specifically meant for a religious market, I am probably not well-versed enough in the marketplace to give you the services you need. Adult content is generally not a problem, but please do mention it when you email for a quote.

All pricing for full manuscript (including short story and novella) editing is on a case-by-case basis, depending on the length, type of editing desired, current level of polish, and desired turnaround time. Please expect to pay AT LEAST one cent per word (for example, $500 for a 50,000 word manuscript) for a detailed line edit. Critiques are offered at the set rates listed below.

All payments are to be made by Paypal. All pricing is in US dollars, although payment may be made in other currencies at the (current at the time of payment) exchange rate. Payment may be made in installments, but all payment must be completed before the final critique/edit is delivered.

Critique Services

(NOTE: Page counts assume Times New Roman or similar font, 12pt, manuscript format, except for query letters and synopses which may be in business letter format.)

  • Query letter: $25
  • Synopsis (1-3 pages): $30
  • Query and first ten pages: $40
  • Query, synopsis, and first ten pages: $50
  • First thirty pages: $75
  • First fifty pages: $100
  • Full manuscript up to 50,000 words: $250
  • Full manuscript 50,001-100,000 words: $400
  • Full manuscript over 100,000 words: ASK (or get it under 100,000! 😉 )

Editing Services

  • Developmental editing – Similar to a critique, but with more detailed comments and an in-depth editorial letter focusing on overarching issues such as plot, characterization, setting, voice and tone, themes, etc. I will comment on recurring grammatical errors or overused sentence structures, but will not point out every instance. This service is recommended for authors who know that their current draft still needs some heavy work, or for those who are getting rejections on partials or fulls and are not sure where they’re going wrong.
  • Line editing – A detailed line-by-line edit with comments on things like word choice, sentence structure, specific suggestions on improving tone and voice on a line-by-line basis, etc. I will also comment on things that seem out of character, plot points that don’t seem to follow, overused expressions, vocabulary, and cliches… basically, this is the most detailed edit you can get. This is recommended for authors who are planning to self-publish and who are happy with the general plot and characters as they are, or for those who have already done a developmental editing round and are ready to through with a fine tooth comb. This may also help authors who are getting agent rejections based on voice, style, or lack of connection with characters.
  • Copy editing – A simpler version of the line edit that focuses on actual mistakes (typos, grammatical errors, as well as continuity issues within the text) and does not attempt to change your plot, characters, or voice, except to make them consistent with other parts of your novel. If you are pursuing a traditional book deal, your publisher should provide a copy edit. This service is typically ideal for those who are ready to self-publish their final draft and need one final check for errors and discrepancies.

Not sure which type of editing you need? Feel free to email for a consultation and sample edit—always free! Finding a good freelance editor is just like finding a critique partner or an agent… it needs to be a good fit. I am happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have as you consider your options.

Ready to get started?

Email to request your critique or a quote for your full manuscript edit today! For the fastest possible results, PLEASE include:

  1. The TITLE (working title is fine)
  2. The GENRE (e.g. science fiction, contemporary, mystery, historical… etc)
  3. The CATEGORY (adult, NA, or YA, in this case)
  4. Your publication goals (query agents, submit to small presses, self-pub, undecided?)
  5. If you want a FULL MS EDIT, two sample chapters. Attachments or copy-pasted into the email are fine. I need to see how polished your writing is to give you a quote that is fair for you and for me! (NOTE: you do not need to send sample chapters for a critique)
  6. Desired service(s)
  7. Deadline if you have one (If not, I will give you an estimated delivery date with my quote. Please note that rush jobs may be more expensive, as I often have to pay for daycare, take-out dinners, etc, in order to complete them on time!)

There are many amazing editors out there. Thank you for considering me, and best of luck on your publication journey!


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